We are a proudly Namibian company
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Ablecon Civil Contractors (Pty) Ltd

Ablecon Civil Contractors (Pty) Ltd

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Ablecon is a proudly Namibian, independent company operating in the building and civil construction sector. We offer a comprehensive range of multi-disciplinary civil engineering, building and construction services with attention focused on quality workmanship and a solid commitment to safety, health, environment and quality best practice for our Clients.
Our commitment to best-practice Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) principles is non-negotiable. A culture of caring for our people has been inculcated within the organisation and this extends to the enforcement of safe work practices as well as promoting the well-being of all our people.
  • Delivery of quality workmanship is assured through a strong Quality Management Systems approach that takes all factors into account from project administration, execution and active engagement on site with all stakeholders.
  • With our core tenet that every person has a right to a safe and healthy working environment, Ablecon follows an active strategy aimed at the safe execution of all activities, whether these are on a project site or at our offices. On-going training underpins the commitment which extends to all stakeholders including sub-contractors.
  • Ablecon is also committed to the high standards of environmental stewardship, and this approach can be seen throughout all phases of building and construction operations, including responsible planning, mobilisation, execution and rehabilitation of the environment at the end of our projects.
Subscribing to our A.B.L.E.-value system, our competent Namibian staff form the cornerstone of the company, and the on-going development of this asset’s specialist capabilities ensures a sustainable business model for the future. Further to this, our company has a strong commitment to upholding the cultural legacy of Namibia and providing long-lasting skills development and transfer to local communities in which our projects are undertaken.